The LSCCF Board at Work – Notes from the JuLY 17, 2021 Board Meeting

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The LSCCF Board at Work – Notes from the July 17, 2021 Board Meeting

The key issues discussed during the July meeting were finalization of arrangements next month’s Annual Meeting; proposed changes to the by-laws; approval of the 2020-21 financial report and the proposed 2021-2022 budget; initial assessment of conditions in Little Lake one month after the herbicide application and the start of the harvesting program; a review of key components in the proposed measurement plan to monitor possible changes in conditions in Little Lake; and initial results of early ticket sales for the upcoming monthly lottery.

To allow for adequate preparation, the Board decided to move the Annual Meeting to Saturday, August 21 at 10 am in the Wells School auditorium. The meeting will feature election of the LSCCF directors, as well as its president and vice president, consideration of changes to the by-laws to allow spouses and adult children of lake residents to stand for election; and voting on the 2021-2022 budget.

Based on reports from the harvesting team and inspection tours of Little Lake and the channels, it appears the herbicide has performed quite well, especially on the east side. The harvester has been focusing on collecting floaters and concentrating on areas in the southern portion of the lake where the herbicide had little or no effect. The Board noted that the improved navigation conditions has encouraged more boating in Little Lake, including the first sightings of tubing and waterskiing in years. While we welcome these signs of people enjoying the lake, it is important to remember that Eurasian water milfoil (EWM) is a self-seeding plant, so plowing through milfoil growth is very counter-productive. Please use the navigation channels, whenever possible. 

The Board expressed interest in seeing the results of the LSCA contractor’s post-application assessment of the impact of the herbicide use. (Subsequently shared by the LSCA, the results of this snapshot were positive.) Far more important will be the formal plant survey in September (with the report issued in November) which should provide a more scientific view of where we stand in the fight against EWM. That survey will be the first of many pieces of evidence of the efficacy of herbicide use in a relatively shallow body of water.

The Board also reviewed a detailed draft plan for monitoring conditions in Little Lake moving forward. This would include monthly sampling of water quality, etc. at six sites in Little Lake and the channels. The key remaining questions are: who does the work and how much will it cost.

The Board applauded the strong community support for the June 26 fishing tournament, which was a smashing success both as a fundraiser and a fun-filled day. Sales for our next fundraising event – a monthly raffle drawing with a $1,000 prize, starting in December – are going well. With only 300 tickets to be sold, at $80 each, anyone interested in taking a chance should contact any LSSCF Board member.

Since the Annual Meeting will be held on August 21, the Board’s next regular meeting – via Zoom – will take place at 9 am, Saturday, September 18. Please check our website for any scheduling changes. We hope that you find this information helpful. Please direct questions or comments to Michael Marine at