The LSCCF Board at Work – Notes from the June 24, 2021 Board Meeting

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The LSCCF Board at Work – Notes from the June 22, 2021 Board Meeting

The key issues discussed during the June meeting were changes to the Board makeup in the runup to next month’s Annual Meeting (AM); preparations for the AM; consultations with the Lake St Catherine Association (LSCA) and the Wells Select Board over the best ways to deconflict the herbicide use and the harvesting program; development of a measurement plan to monitor possible changes in conditions in Little Lake; finalizing arrangements for the LSCCF fishing tournament; plans for the kickoff of a monthly lottery; and, initiation of this season’s harvesting program.

Continuing our recent success in recruiting new directors, the Board welcomed two new Directors – Jerry Riso and Adam Bryant. This brings the current count of Board members planning to stand for election at the AM in July to ten. We remain interested in adding directors to the Board (there is plenty of work to be done), so anyone interested in joining the Board should contact Michael Marine at

In addition to firming up its slate of directors, the Board discussed possible candidates to fill the four officer positions and reviewed arrangements and the agenda for the AM. The date and time for this important meeting is now set (Saturday, July 31 at 10 am), but we are still exploring whether to hold the meeting in person or on Zoom. We will publish the final details soon.

As many LSCCF members may know, the issue of how best to control the number of milfoil floaters turned contentious, with many people pushing back against the original plan worked out by representatives of the LSCA and the LSCCF which included more buoys and signs, and a raft as a collection point for floaters. Following a strong intervention by the Wells Select Board, these plans were scrapped in favor of a joint effort to increase public awareness around how everyone can help limit reseeding by floaters.

The Board reviewed a preliminary draft plan for monitoring conditions in Little Lake moving forward. The purpose of this plan is to serve as an early warning system for potential problems in Little Lake. These may include depleted oxygen levels, chemical imbalances that might cause algae blooms, rapid regrowth of Eurasian water milfoil (EWM), and/or a surge of native plant growth filling in the void caused by knocking down the EWM. The LSCCF plans to work closely with the LSCA and the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation to finalize the details on this plan.

The Board reviewed the final arrangements for the June 26 fishing tournament and raffles. (Thanks to the enthusiastic participation of the community, the event was a smashing success that raised over $3,000 to support LSCCF efforts to protect the lake. Just as importantly, everyone had a great time, cheering on the winners and commiserating with the losers.) The Board also blessed plans for our next fundraising activity – a monthly raffle drawing with a $1,000 prize, starting in December. Tickets are on sale now at a cost of $80 each. We will only sell 300 tickets, so chances of winning are excellent.

After overcoming a few engine problems, the harvesting program kicked off in earnest on June 17. While we wait for the herbicide use to do its work on countering the EWM, the team will focus on harvesting the EWM in the southern half of Little Lake and collecting floaters anywhere they appear south of the bridge. We still hope to have the blue harvester operational later this summer, a step that would strengthen the program.

Our next meeting, still via Zoom, is set for 9 am, Saturday, July 17. Please check our website for any scheduling changes. We hope that you find this information helpful. Please direct questions or comments to Michael Marine at