LSCCF Fishing Tournament 6/26/21 Thanks to All!!

by | Jul 11, 2021 | Historical development

Thanks to the enthusiastic participation of the community, the event was a smashing success that raised over $3,000 to support LSCCF efforts to protect the lake. Just as importantly, everyone had a great time, cheering on the winners and commiserating with the losers.

The Board also blessed plans for our next fundraising activity – a monthly raffle drawing with a $1,000 prize, starting in December. Tickets are on sale now at a cost of $80 each. We will only sell 300 tickets, so chances of winning are excellent.

THANK YOU to all sponsors and donators to our awesome list of prizes…, see the list of contributing businesses and the great prizes to be won.

Contact Michael Marine at, (202) 997-2796 or Tina Peterson, 513-658-3144 to buy tickets…


Fishing Tournament Flyer[17527]

Please supPrize Raffle Contributor Thank Youport the Lake!


Fishing Tournament Flyer[17527]