Congratulations to the LSCA for 3 Year Grant Award from the Lake Champlain Basin Program!

by | May 29, 2021 | Historical development

Congratulations to the Lake St. Catherine Association (LSCA) for landing an important three-year grant from the Lake Champlain Basin Program (LCBP) to create a Watershed Action Plan for Lake St. Catherine.

The $38,224 awarded by the grant will allow the LSCA to hire and partner with lake experts to perform various in-lake and watershed based measurements, testing, and studies to identify current or potential future issues and design a comprehensive, long-term plan to address them. The plan will focus on the prevention of pollutant loads (phosphorus, nitrogen, sediments) that enter into the lake from sources outside the waterbody.

The Lake St. Catherine Conservation Fund looks forward to working closely with the LSCA and other partners to make this grant a smashing success. We are confident that this endeavor will strengthen our ongoing efforts to protect and restore Little Lake St. Catherine.

For further information about the grant, please seeĀ and