2020 Summary for LSCCF Awarded AIS Grant in Aid Award

by | Nov 21, 2020 | Uncategorized

In 2020, its fourth year of operation, LSCCF’s mechanical harvesting program extracted from Little Lake an estimated 2,500 cubic yards of plant material, which is roughly the size of a small ranch house.  As a result, some areas previously clogged with Eurasian water milfoil and other nuisance plants, became navigable.  It is hoped that by expanding the harvesting program and combining with aeration, dredging and herbicide application, all of Little Lake can be restored as an open body of water.

Green Mountain Building Services of Wells was hired to operate and maintain LSCCF’s two harvesting machines.  Doug Jones and Ryan Worcester were the principal operators.  Over 500 hours of harvesting time were logged between June 15 and September 18.  The harvested material was deposited in an area graciously set aside by neighbors Greg and Jessica O’Brien.

Financial support was provided by the voters of the Town of Wells, the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation, and donations from members and supporters of LSCCF.