Voting Results From Annual Meeting

by | Aug 24, 2020 | Meetings, Uncategorized

The Lake St. Catherine Conservation Fund recorded their Annual Membership meeting on 8/1/2020 and posted it to the website and their Facebook page for all members and other interested parties to view.

The election of officers and board members occurs annually, as terms are limited to one year of service. Voting for members this year was set up electronically and the results are as follows:

Election of a New President and Vice President:

David Emmons was elected President and Michael Marine Vice President. No other candidates put their names forward for consideration.

Election of a New Board of Directors:

The following current board members chose to stand again for election: Dave Emmons, Robin Barley, Rick Newell, Susan Ritchie, Rich Young, Tim Makepeace, Michael Marine, Tina Peterson, and Bob Short.

The two first time candidates were nominated and approved: Jeff Somple and Owen Thomas.

The Lake St Catherine Conservation Fund to thank three Directors who decided not to stand for election again – Dennis Stark, Paul Labas, and Tyler Manning – for their stellar volunteer service to the organization and the Lake St. Catherine community.

The Budget for 2020-2021 was voted as approved.