Harvesting to Resume on Little Lake

The newly acquired weed harvester purchased by theLake St. Catherine Conservation Fund


The latest news about the smart and environmentally friendly lake restoration strategy of the Lake St. Catherine Conservation Fund is the use of a weed harvester. Taking advantage of their state-issued permit, the LSCCF purchased this machine at the end of April.  But the harvester program has only become a reality through the efforts of several Directors.  The Harvester Committee was headed by Bob Short, who did much research to coordinate the project and find the right kind of equipment, with help from Directors Fran Gilman and David Fontaine.  Also, local resident Paul Labas helped in finding the actual machine we purchased.  Joel Pliner was in charge of administrative functions.  He worked tirelessly negotiating with various state officials.  Through Joel’s perseverance the state finally provided the LSCCF the harvesting permit, which allows the harvesting of aquatic nuisance plants in corridors along the length of the lake (we hope to expand the harvesting areas next year).  Joel further negotiated with the Vermont Department of Environmental Protection regarding access to the lake, and was instrumental in obtaining a Vermont DEC Grant-in-aid award of $17,960.  Director Fran Gilman has also played an invaluable role in helping to arrange the delivery of the unit, registering it, and checking it out mechanically.  Fran, a skilled mechanic himself, will continue to handle the maintenance and upkeep of the harvester.  Finally,  DirectorTim Makepeace was helpful in developing off-loading sites.

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