LSCCF Thanks Wells Voters

Thanks to Wells Voters for Approving LSCCF Petitions

On March 7 the citizens of Wells voted “Yes” on Articles 7 and 8 by about a 2 to 1 majority to grant the Lake St. Catherine Conservation Fund a total of $20,000 to be used in restoring the lake for accustomed recreation purposes. For several years now, the voters of Wells have supported the efforts of the LSCCF, an indication of their confidence that the LSCCF’s new directions in lake management are making a real improvement in the conditions in the lake. The LSCCF thanks the people of Wells who have shown their confidence and support with their vote of Yes on Articles 7 and 8. Article 7 was a petition for $10,000 for the ongoing lake aeration project and other lake management. Article 8 was a one-year request for $10,000 to be used to operate a harvesting project on Little Lake.
The positive vote followed the town meeting on March 6 at which LSCCF members and other residents had a chance to share comments and questions about the condition of the lake and possible treatments available. Representing the LSCCF were Directors Bill Steinmetz and Bill Frye.
The LSCCF extended its successful aeration program by installing a new lake aeration system on the western side of Little Lake St. Catherine. The LSCCF believes the data derived from its careful monitoring of this new project along with data from the east side project will provide the basis for the next expansion and will be a model for other lakes around the state that are suffering similar weed infestations and rapid filling in of sediment.
The Vermont Agency of Natural Resources has also granted the LSCCF a permit to conduct a small hydraulic dredging project as well. Some of the money approved by the voters will help to fund this project as well.
We appreciate the continuing support from the voters of the Town of Wells!

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