LSCCF and Wells Village School Conduct Enzyme Experiment

The Lake Saint Catherine Conservation Fund and the sixth grade class at the Wells Village School are conducting an experiment in lake restoration. Our successful use of aeration on the east side of Little Lake has produced over four feet of new depth in the treated area by enabling the reduction of sediment. The experiment conducted with the Wells Village School is testing the application of various enzymes that might accelerate this lake restoration process.

Sixth grade teacher Barbara Pennington is looking forward to her class’s participation. The students will monitor the results of aeration as it is diffused into seven tanks of water and sediment from the lake.  Various enzymes will be introduced to the tanks, and the pupils will measure and monitor the temperature and increased depth over a period of time. The students will learn to record data, graph the data and compare the results of the experimental tanks with a control tank of lake water. The students will also use this experience to further understand the scientific method which has helped us understand so much of our natural environment.

We are looking forward to the participation of the sixth grade students in this experiment. The Lakes and Ponds division of the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation is participating in the ongoing LSCCF lake restoration program and the experiment at the Wells Village School. With our extension of the aeration program

to the west side of Little Lake this year, we are hoping the results of the experiment at the Wells Village school will illustrate methods to further enhance this lake restoration process.

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LSCCF to Host Aeration Seminar

The LSCCF is hosting an open public meeting at the Wells Town Hall Saturday, February 13 at 10 AM. This meeting will be all about lake restoration through the use of aeration.   Mr. Brian Kling, a nationally recognized expert on lake restoration, will be the guest speaker.  Dr. Perry Thomas, Program Manager for the Lakes and Ponds Management and Protection Program of Vermont DEC, will also be present along with other state representatives to explain their participation and answer questions. Inquiries regarding this public meeting can be directed to Bill Steinmetz at 802 645 9181 or by email at

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