LSCCF Leaders Discuss Lake Management at Regional Lake Conference

The North American Lake Management Society held its annual conference in Saratoga Springs, New York during the week of November 16.  NALMS is an organization whose purpose is “to forge partnerships among citizens, scientists, and professionals to foster the management and protection of lakes and reservoirs for today and tomorrow.”

President Bill Steinmetz, while not an official delegate, attended some of the lectures and viewed with interest the various exhibitors.

A few weeks earlier, taking advantage of the proximity of this year’s conference, Vice President David Emmons arranged for a meeting during the conference among representatives of the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources, lake scientists, and contractors to discuss current lake management practices and research.  David joined Bill Steinmetz and the others in

these discussions which focused primarily on lake restoration using bioremediation (the use of aeration and enzymes).   They talked about current applications in other lakes in the US, and the relationship of aeration to milfoil reduction.

In reviewing the meeting, President Steinmetz remarked, “Significant progress was made in defining appropriate applications of aeration to our lake. We look forward to developing the initial ideas discussed at the NALMS Conference for the benefit of Lake Saint Catherine and our community.”

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