Wells Variety Day 2015


variety day pic

On Saturday, July 18, we hosted a booth at  the Wells annual Variety Day displaying our work in restoring the Little Lake with aeration.  Many visitors came to see our displays, which included a tank of Eurasian watermilfoil and a tank of water being aerated.   Pictures on display showed the lake before and after aeration.  President Bill Steinmetz said,  “Our outreach through this booth was excellent.  I estimate we had over 100 quality discussions.”

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Herbicide Alert

As you know, our lake restoration methods have never included the use of chemicals.  However, the Lake St.Catherine Association does have a herbicide program, and has applied herbicides in the areas indicated in the map below. You will note that no chemicals have been inserted in Little Lake or its adjoining channels this year.

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Water Snake Alert


This season repoWater_snake_alert_cutoutrts of the presence of water snakes in Lake St. Catherine have been more frequent. Water snakes are not poisonous, but they are known to be aggressive when they feel threatened. We have not heard any specific reports of actual contact with humans at the lake. However, we wanted folks to be aware of their existence and to avoid confrontation with this species.

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